RIE Construction

Attitude - Trust - Quality - Competence - Support - Service

RIE (Ryan Interior & Exterior) Construction offers complete residential and commercial roofing and replacement services, window, door, siding, and rain gutters for homes and businesses throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Ready for the 21st Century

Staying on top of changes and understanding what they mean to our customers, that is, how they affect installations, codes and insurance requirements, is essential to ensure maximum investment protection.

Starting with products that meet every specification e.g. water proof vs water resistant, followed up with a professionally managed/monitored application is critical to ending up with a long-term trouble free finished project.


Dedicated to Quality

We believe that quality begins with attitude.  Understanding why our company exists and what our mission in the industry is, separates us from all other construction companies. What we stand for: quality products, professional installation, exceptional results, completion in a timely manner for a fair price motivates all of our activities.

Our Attitude

We at RIE believe that quality begins with the right attitude.

What separates us is our deep belief that we exist to provide the very highest level of performance standards every day. There are many construction companies in the Twin Cities as there is in Chicago, Illinois. Many of them are very good. To be the best, or among the best, we know that we have to be 100% committed to that end on each and every job, each and every day.

                       …and that is what motivates our daily efforts.

Free Estimate on residential roofing, including replacement or installation on homes, apartments, and condos throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Our Desire

We want to form a partnership of trust with our customers.

  • Trust that our recommendations are in our customer's best interest.
  • Trust that our pricing is fair and consistent.
  • Trust that our work will be outstanding.
  • Trust that communication will be timely and productive.


Our Belief

RIE believes that the customer deserves to receive what was promised/purchased.

It’s a matter of integrity. We understand that whether it is a new roof, repairs, remodeling, or servicing a warranty,

that “good enough never is”. Our customers deserve our best effort.

                      ... and the only acceptable outcome is the correct one.